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  • A great way for managers at all levels to improve their capabilities, inspire their teams and achieve outstanding business results, is through Leadership and Management Skills Training. Successful leaders are able to transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage their employees to deliver better results. Leadership and Management Skills Training typically encourages managers and leaders to find new and innovative ways of developing and managing people, develop new business opportunities as well as tackle the broader societal issues they face on day to day operational activities.


  • This highly informative training course provides managers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to achieve outstanding organizational results. It covers  Principles Management and Leadership Concepts and Competencies needed to formulate and Execute Strategy; how to create Operational Structures, Systems, Processes, and Resources to Execute the Strategy; how to support Front-line Managers and Employees by creating the conditions to help them succeed; and finally to actually lead and manage tactically on the front-lines. This includes the ability to motivate and inspire staff on an individual and collective basis. The training course integrates the most effective and efficient methods for building and leading dynamic, adaptable, and highly competitive teams and organizations.

Empowering Africa through Training

This Training Course will Feature:

  • Fundamentals of Planning, Execution and Progress/Results Measurement.
  • Nested Hierarchical Planning, Mission Analysis and Mission Leadership.
  • The Fundamental Principles Common to all types of Leadership, and the Characteristics Proper to Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Leadership.
  • Leadership Development Framework: How Leaders Develop, Progress, and Grow, and the Techniques to foster this Evolution.
  • Selection and Maintenance of the Aim: Determining and communicating one’s Vision and Mission and their relation to intrinsic motivation, initiative and transformational leadership at all levels of the business.
  • Ability to develop the capabilities needed to increase the productivity of the team.
  • Help reduce employee turnoverand increase engagement in an organization by creating a strong and united team.
  • Ability to identify and improve the leadership skills of managers within the Organization.
  • Help Managers to develop good communication skills, master the art of negotiation as well as improve conflict management skills.
  • Create confidence among managers by finding new ways of influencing the teams they lead.
  • Ability to effectively connect with people by developing various skills that encourage constructive feedback

Target Group:

  • Heads of Departments, Finance Managers, Safety & Security Managers,
  • Human Resources Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers,
  • Procurement Managers, Business Development Managers,
  • Crisis Management Managers, Facility Managers, Administration Managers,
  • Risk Management Managers, Operations & Strategy Managers,
  • Business Continuity Managers, Contingency Planning Managers,
  • Any Other Interested Management Staff.