Learning and Development.

Employee Training promotes employee satisfaction and employee retention.                   Need for productivity does not only depend on training but efficient training.            VICTORY GLOBAL IMPACT LTD offers quality training that exceeds our client’s need.  We offer a range of training programs and procedures that the organization is willing to offer to its staff members. We conduct training need assessments to identify the training needs that your organisation requires. Motivate your staff today and change their job attitude.

Organizations have learnt to adapt to rapidly changing conditions to survive, but high-performing organizations recognize that continuous learning and collaboration helps them transcend survival and be at the forefront of change.

VICTORY GLOBAL IMPACT LTD applies innovative but practical approaches to learning solutions that can deliver measurable improvements in workforce and organizational performance. Our solutions are reviewed to meet the immediate needs of our clients and so as to remain relevant to the merging challenges facing enterprises today.

We partner with our clients to assist enhance business performance by focusing on the people, cultural and organizational ‘drivers’ required for sustaining competitive advantage.

Our bespoke programs include:

  • Corporate Governance for Directors Course,
  • Leadership and Management Course,
  • Employee Effectiveness Management Skills,
  • Employee Empowerment Skills,
  • Culture Change Management Training,
  • Team Development or Team Building,
  • People and Performance Management Skills,
  • Quality Customer Relationship Skills,
  • Effective Supervision Skills,
  • Performance Appraisal Skills,
  • Performance Management,
  • Training of Trainers Program,
  • Competency Based Selections,
  • Human Resources for Line Managers,
  • Corporate Security Management Courses,
  • Counter Terrorism Management Courses,
  • Corporate Investigations Course
  • Hotel Management Training and Consultancy,
  • Employee Support Programmes,
  • Enterprise Risk Management

While we believe that culture is the fuel of a team, effective teams are the engines that drive successful organizations. A major issue in developing and managing high performance teams is that most employees have never learnt how to best work and complement each other. Our corporate cultures have a short fall of promoting individual accountability, collective responsibility and having candid, genuine discussions about teamwork, at the expense of shared goals and collaboration.

At VICTORY GLOBAL IMPACT LTD, we create an environment for our clients to identify obstacles towards high performance and design target approaches with collective contribution from team members.

VICTORY GLOBAL IMPACT LTD’s team diagnostic and development tools are used to measure: team culture and work style, strengths and limitations, staff alignment to organizational culture, team ability to achieve its goals & objectives and ideal team composition and leadership.

For Staff Training Contact us on info@victoryglobalimpact.co.ke