Leadership and Corporate Governance


Leadership and Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives

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  • Changing market dynamics, globalization and the increasing scale and complexity in corporations is making the role of Boards integral to overall sustainability of the enterprise. Boards have to contend with a host of new pressures, challenges and risks, necessitating them to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and effective execution of their roles. Whether its regulatory compliance, financial resilience, maximization of shareholder value, risk management or leadership challenges of the top team, Directors Training addresses these unique issues and helps promote sound Corporate Governance.

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  • Globally, the first quarter of the 21st century is “the era of governance”, and the pursuit of good governance is very high on international, national and organizational agendas in this ever more complex business world.
  • Delivering demonstrably excellent corporate governance poses significant leadership challenges and often requires significant change and development as it places expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities upon Board Members, Senior Executives and Non-Executives charged with running organizations to strive for a higher standard of consistent governance excellence.
  • This interactive and challenging Training recognizes that good organizational leadership and corporate governance work hand-in-hand in all successful organizations. Excellent Corporate Governance leadership provides the right strategic direction, high quality and ethical decision making, effective implementation of policies and organizational control. Through robust leadership, accountability, oversight and assurance, Governance goes beyond just Legal and Regulatory Compliance and duties of care and is the key enabler of achieving the very best outcomes for all stakeholders. It will bring together the full range of expectations, competencies and behaviors required for Board Members, and take them on a learning journey to achieve their corporate governance and personal development aims.


  • The Training is suitable for Board members as well as top management including Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Secretaries to the Boards of Directors, Legal Advisors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Governance executives who envision moving into a director’s role in future.
  • This Training is designed for current and future executive and non-executive Board Members and Senior Executives. It will equip them to effectively discharge their individual and collective governance roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and lead the organization to success and sustainability through governance excellence. It is invaluable and insightful for Board Members, Board Committee Members and Senior Executives as they transition from being a “Doing” Board into a “Governing” Board.


  • This comprehensive Training covers the processes and oversight which drive the highest standards of leadership, accountability and behavior.
  • Working with our Experienced Trainers, delegates will be offered 1-2-1 Executive Coaching both during and after the Training to help embed learning by addressing their individual leadership and Governance Challenges.
  • They will engage with subject-matter experts, visit interesting and relevant organizations to examine governance best practice and collective leadership first-hand, and will be encouraged to produce a personal development plan to use learning to address the challenges faced within your own workplace.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and direction of Governance and Leadership at the very top of an organization.
  • Develop the right organizational culture and lead organizational behavior.
  • Demonstrate Ethical Leadership.
  • Maintain Effective Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Build and maintain Personal and Organizational Trust and Accountability.
  • Identify and use Appropriate Leadership Competencies in Executive and Non-Executive Board Positions and be an effective member of the of the Leadership Team.
  • Appreciate how to undertake effective oversight including financial, information and risk governance.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • The nature, purpose, principles and practices of Corporate Governance.
  • Corporate Governance Codes and an Evaluation of their usefulness.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting.
  • Board responsibilities and challenges
  • Role of Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management and various Committees of the Board.
  • Framework for Board’s Effectiveness, Effective Organizational Decision Making.
  • The purpose and challenges of Leadership for Board Members.
  • Key legal, political and economic features of Governance Systems.
  • Understanding of Shareholder Value and Financial Statements Analysis.
  • Executive compensation.
  • Board Risk Management Concepts & Appetite.
  • Leading change for Institutionalizing Sound Governance.
  • Culture and climate of leadership and Governance Excellence.
  • The values and Principles of Ethical Leadership.
  • Trust, Accountability and Ownership at Board Level.
  • Collective Responsibilities of the Board.
  • Skills and Attitudes of Successful Executive and Non-Executive Board Members.